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Hey all,
I have been browsing this sub-forum for a while and its a great resource but I have been unable to find some answers to questions I have regarding the dispatch career. Im currently 20 and enrolled in a dispatch course (I plan on taking the written and practical shortly after my 21st birthday) but I am not sure what sort of plan I should have for after that. I know I need to be 23 to be able to receive the FAA Certificate but is the ticket useless to me until I turn 23?

Is there any other possible employment I should be looking out for in the 2year gap which will aid me in my career as a dispatcher or do I need to wait till I have the certificate in hand..?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Welcome! This thread:


Is required reading for all newcomers to the forum. Assuming you've exhausted the knowledge in there there are a few other threads with posts from users with a similar issue. Generally speaking the best move is to pursue a job at a 121 Supp carrier that doesn't require you to actually hold a license to act as a Flight Follower/Coordinator. Since that one is pretty difficult, another viable option would be to try to land a job tossing bags (or doing scheduling, load planning, etc.) for a carrier you want to get on with and grind it out until you get picked up as an internal. I'd say your best bet is to take a look at some of the other threads of folks asking the same question, message them and see how they handled it, and adapt it to your own career plan. Best of luck to you.


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I went through a dispatch course a few months back, and have not been able to take the tests yet to get my certificate (family issues and want to be as prepared as possible as well). Right out of school I started at a 135 op as an operations coordinator (mostly consisted of customer service stuff with some flight following). A few months into that job, I threw my resume in at a regional 121 op as an Assistant Dispatcher. Snagged the job, been there for about a month now. My job basically consists of crew scheduling with other duties relating to relieving some of the dispatchers workload. But, the manager of dispatch has already told me and the other assistant (who was in my class when I went through school) that as soon as we have our certificates that they want us to transfer to being dispatchers.

So really, whatever opportunity you can find at any carrier, I'd say take it. Work your way through until you can get your certificate, and then go from there.