Dismantling a Boeing

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the -720B was a hot rod and when I got my first type on the KC-135 it read B-707/720.

Northwest used to come into ATL with these hotrods and they would climb out like nothing else. That was a LONG time ago. This machine was at PHX as a test bed if I remember correctly.


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This machine was at PHX as a test bed if I remember correctly.
Correct... for Garrett Engines, then Allied Signal, and finally for Honeywell. This plane has been a fixture mostly sitting on the north side of Sky Harbor for many years. When I was little I remember my dad showing me around this plane. The test engine was attached to the right forward side of the fuselage. It's been replaced by a 757 now.


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I have two experiences involving this aircraft.

First: I had a chance to walk through the cabin of this aircraft while in maintenance in Phoenix. I remember there being a few passenger seats to be used by the engineers during takeoffs and landings. Also there were about four to six different stations inside that were used to perform tests. Interestingly, IIRC, there was no true lavatory on board the aircraft. Just a small port-a-potty at the most rearward section of the interior.

Second: While working on the ramp at Sky Harbor, I watched this aircraft abort a landing and go around just feet from the ground. Apparently the plane caught a stiff crosswind and drifted off center of the runway. So much so that when the engines reached full thrust, a huge cloud of dust was blown from the unpaved areas along the runway. It was a scary sight to see. Good job of the crew recovering from that situation.

Just thought I'd share that.