Dislocated shoulder


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About 5 years ago I was at the gym and was doing incline bumbell presses. My right shoulder gave out, shoulder dislocated and tore up some of the muscle. Went to the doctor, he did some strenth tests, arm behind back push against his hand, arm up high, push down and some range of motion tests. He said there was some muscle damage, but not completely torn. I went and had a test done, I forget what it was called, they stuck this huge needle all the way into the shoulder joint/rotator cuff to check for damage. They said I could rehabilitate it after a few weeks rest or have surgery, I opted to rehabilitate.

Last night I was playing a hockey game and went into the corner, another guy hit the back of my arm and the shoulder felt like it partially popped out then went right back in. I had a sever shooting pain down my arm and it went limp/numb for a second.

I got off the ice and checked it out, all looked good and the pain was pretty much gone, so I went back and finished playing. Today it is a bit sore but no loss of strength or range of motion.

Should I go have it checked? is this something that since it has started it will just keep on happening more often? Should I stop weight training, or can I keep working out but keep it to lighter weight?

I really do not want to hear that I need surgery, I can not stand not being active and do not want to stop flight training. But I also do not want to cause permanent damage.

Sorry for the long read. Thanks for any advice.

You can try rehab. The more times a shoulder dislocates, the less likely it is to heal. Most aggressive orthopedic surgeons operate on the first dislocation.
I'd go to a doctor if I were you, for sure.

I had the same thing you mentioned. Severe pain at first, followed by almost numbness. Then it felt fine. Then it was very cranky the next morning. I didn't go to a doctor and it still flares up sometimes, been about 5 years.
Thanks for the replies.

I do not want it to get any worse, but today it feels totally fine. I went 5 years without any recurrance and really no ill effects. I dont even know why it popped out, it was such a light hit, I guess it was just the right angle.

I think I will go see the doc, but will hold off on surgery for the time being. I dont want to deal with the 6 week recovery time. If it becomes more frequent, then it will be an option.

Thanks again for the advice.