Discontinued or Failed VLJ Designs


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A few months back I was looking through an old AOPA Pilot magazine from I'd guess 2005. It was littered with advertisements for VLJs, many of which I'd remember hearing great buzz about, but have fizzled out.

So which VLJs do you folks remember reading about that have not materialized in the market. For the life of me I cannot remember what some of them were.

I do remember one of the designs was involved in a crash in which the controls were incorrectly rigged and the test pilot was killed.

Also I haven't heard much about the Grob SPn lately.


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The only ones I havnt heard of in a while are Embraer Phenoms and Adam A700, I think Adam went out of production. The Cirrus Jet, Piper Jet, Cessna Mustang, and Eclipse are still all in production. DiamondJet (DJet) are going to ATP, dont know how many orders. Last word I heard of Grob's SPn was Alpha (Planesense) is getting a bunch.

Edit: Phemon looks to be up and running as well....


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I thought I read that ATG (Javelin) went bankrupt. Adam Aircraft did cease operations but was recently bought by some Russian company and revamping it.


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Yeah I read that Adam was purchased by some other group and they had a big influx of cash.

And some firm from The UAE dumped a ton of money into Sino, but I guess that isn't a VLJ.

But I recall in the magazine I saw from a few years back the Epic VLJ, and the Spectrum, and a few others. I know the Spectrums are being re-engined, but haven't heard much since then.