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JSFirm Director of Operations

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Executive Air Taxi Corp Bismarck, North Dakota:

Director of Operations

1. Qualifications: The Director of Operations must meet the minimum qualifications as outlined in FAR 119.69 and FAR 119.71 (a)(b).
2. Duties and Responsibilities: The Director of Operations is directly responsible to the President. His duties and responsibilities are as follows.

a. Schedules aircraft to the available flight crew members and establishes personnel duty hours.

b. Supervises pilot scheduling of aircraft for inspections and maintenance coordinating with flight schedules.

c. Distributes this manual or applicable portions and revisions when necessary as outlined in Section 1.2 of this manual.

d. Supervises distribution and posting of all information or memoranda relative to any changes affecting company policy, route information, nav-aids, NOTAMS, requisitioning of flying aids, aeronautical charts, etc.

e. Obtains MEL and letter of authorization for all multi-engine aircraft and includes these and detailed instruction on inoperative equipment in each aircraft’s discrepancy log.

f. Is authorized by this manual and will, when he feels it is necessary, authorize enroute repairs that exceed the $200 limit imposed on the Pilot-in-Command.

g. Notifies NTSB, FAA and insurance carriers in the case of aircraft accidents or incidents.

h. Supervises all flight and flight scheduling activities
The Director of Operations must know the contents of this manual and all FAR’s governing company operations. He may delegate functions to other personnel but retains the responsibilities outlined above.
The Director of Operations has the authority implied by and necessary to carry out his duties and responsibilities as listed. Although the day to day approval of the President is not required, it is understood that he has the final authority over all company activities and may override any decisions.

v Strong oral and written and communication skills.

v Team Work, contributes to building a positive team.

v Leadership, motivates others and gives appropriate recognition.

v Looks for ways to improve department (marketing etc.) and promote quality service.

v Follows policies and company procedures.

v Insures aircraft are clean and ready for every departure including supplies.

v Professional, Organized, Dependable & Flexible.

v Other duties as assigned and willingness to help out.

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