DH6 Pilot, 1000TT, Houston,TX


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1-02-2009Send to friendSKYDIVE SPACELAND DHC-6 Pilot Houston / Rosharon TX, Tel: Fax: (281)369-0431 http://uspilot.com/mail_resume.php?joblist_id=918 Web site: www.skydivespaceland.com

Skydiving Pilot needed to train in and travel with our DHC-6 twin otter to skydiving center
across the US on a contract basis. Looking for experienced twin otter pilots that have flown
skydivers in the past. Please Email or fax your resume with current times, Diver driver
experience, and availability. Requirements: 1000 hours TT and experience flying twin otters and
skydivers. Ability to travel for extended periods of time (6 months or more) to skydiving
centers in the US.