DFW Crash pad needed!!!!


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I need help in looking for a crashpad near the AA training center. Any help would be greatly appriciated


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My house has a room for rent, but its kinda far... Youd need a car... Nice place tho, laid back roomate & landlord, just pay ontime and dont be a tool, and ur in...


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I rent rooms in my home. I live in Southlake about 8 miles from the airport. Reply if you are interested.


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My crashpad has a bunk available. I pay $175 and its 1/2 mile from the Schoolhouse. 825 Koen Ln.


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I'm looking for a pad starting in May as well. I'll be commuting to/from DFW but working out of DAL, so preferably something east of DFW. Anybody have any suggestions?