DFW ATC Question


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I am a corporate pilot starting school in texas at the L-3 Communication CTI school in September, it seems to look like a good place besides expensive. Just curious from the DFW area guys what the chances of me getting to stay in the area are? KDFW is my ultimate goal but i certiantly dont mind starting somewhere else in the area. Maybe Meacham, Love or Alliance.

Also would like to know about the pilots that become controllers, do they seem to be doing well with it?

Thanks in advance for any advice/ opinions.
Your chances are just as good as anyone elses honestly. It is a very tedious application process that takes forever. I wanted KDFW as well, I even told them I wanted Terminal options only, but I was picked for Houston Center. It's all a matter of their needs. Good luck to you and welcome to JC! There are lots of people on here with a ton of good information.

Within the Metroplex you have DFW, ZFW, D10, FTW, AFW, ADS, and DAL. Lots of places to work, lots of controllers.

Though I am not from Texas, the vast majority of my co-workers are - including many, many new hires.

Even though you are starting a CTI school, apply under the public announcements the agency puts out.

In regards to pilots that become controllers doing well; the answer you will receive may depend on if you're asking the dev (who is also a pilot) or the OJTI who has to struggle every day to beat the pilot out of them ;)
Im currently at the academy and will PV in 3 days. I was a regional pilot/flight instructor and got hired off the street after being furloughed. I can tell you that the academics part will be easier because you already have a good grip on how operations work. Learning to work traffic to me was just as difficult as someone off the street with no airplane experience. If you want to eventually end up at DFW Ive been told SAT is a really good place to check out first. Thats where Im going and Ive had two supervisors ask me if Im wanting to eventually end up at DFW since I selected SAT. They said that the tracon has similar airspace and that its complex enough to where the traffic wont run you over once you move to DFW if your considering Tracon of course.
I wasn't able to get into any DFW airports, so I'm starting in Waco. Conditions may be different when you come up for selection, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that the number of airports means an abundance of jobs. It's just going to depend on the staffing snapshot for the period of time when you are selected.