Depth Perception?


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When I had a physical about a year ago at the MEPS, the only thing I failed was the depth perception. I have a few questions about this? First of all when I took that physical, I had no idea what to expect and it was very difficult. Also I felt like the guy was rushing me. Now that i've heard some peoples opinions on what to do to help with this, I think i'll be ok. I think it's just "in my head" now! Also if I get this load position i'll be taking a class three flight physical. The chief loadmaster told me that this actually takes place at the base instead of the MEPS. Therefore Air Force medical doctors instead of the civilians at the MEPS. Is there a difference? Any ideas or advice will help me out greatly and thanks!


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The one at MEPS wont count if you do better during the Class 3. I failed the one at MEPS but passed the one at the AFB. I never heard about it again. I'm sure they can do a waiver for that anyways. I have my 1st class this Sat. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Just to let you know, there are a lot of folks out there who have difficulties with the depth perception. While I was in ROTC, I had to go to a civilian doctor and he used a different test to evaluate my depth perception. It was a little easier, but still tough.

During my flight physical, I had to stay a day later that I was supposed to to have a full depth perception evaluation. They did a few more tests than just the "dots". The one I remember is looking down a long tube....inside the tube there are 2 posts. One post doesn't move, the other is controlled by a motor and you can make it go forwards and backwards. You need to line the 2 of them up.

B.L., there are other ways to evaluate the depth perception and they should do them.

Also, now I can see the "dots" without problem. Maybe getting older and worse vision helps, but I think it's just a learned thing about how to relax your eyes. The civilian eye doctor I spoke with said to just get a good nights rest the day prior and before the test(i.e. waiting room), just relax your eyes...look far off into the distance and let them relax. Again, take it for what it's worth. Good luck.