Departure from Restricted space


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When departing an airport that is within Restricted space, such as W41 crisfield in MD, is it necessary to contact departure control prior to taking off from that field (by phone), or is it acceptable to contact them as soon as practical after taking off? My guess is that it's OK to contact them after taking off but what do you all think?
well sometimes your restricted airspace does not start right at the ground so that gives you options but i would agree with you "as soon as practicle" works for me
According to some Google info (I can't find a sectional or low-enroute of that area), R-4006 starts at 3500 MSL. If that's the case, take off and stay below before you contact Patuxent Approach.
Thanks, I guess I just assumed that restricted airspace started at the ground for some reason. I normally try not to get even close to it.