Denver Airport, part of The New World Order!

i couldn't even watch the whole thing. some people read into things a little to far. last time i was there i had a good chicken sandwich and some beers at the sport bar and grille, if thats the new world order im alright with it.
wow...just wow.
More than the new world order, I fear fellow citizens who actually spend time thinking about this stuff, somebody give these people a, cukoo. :panic:
Unreal... I couldnt even watch it all, got to the 'nazi swastika' and had to stop.

I don't believe in the whole new world order conspiracy theory, but those do seem like some awfully strange murals to put in an airport. They would be fine for an art museum, but not for an airport. Why couldn't they put paintings of airplanes, clouds, or maybe the Rocky Mountains at the airport?
A Mayan artist painting murals of Mayan beliefs, hmmnnn, want a couple Peyote buttons with your sandwich?
Haha, a lot of that stuff she mentions is interesting and kinda thought provoking, but the majority of it is ridiculous! I mean, a swastika? c'mon!!!

But I agree with pilot4500... that is strange art for an airport!
This is actually a pretty mild video. There's a whole bunch of other stuff on DEN airport. My favorite is the belief that it's actually a second area 51 that there's like 10 levels underground. They also believe that the frequent headaches pax get at DEN is because of the alien forces or something underground....
I always love listening to people that use "House of Cards" logic.

"Well, if this, then this, and this and this and this..."