DEN-DFW Commute

Elliott Bowman

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Hello all,

First post on here. I am an XJT pilot living in DEN and looking to pick up a trip that starts with a DH to DFW. I was curious how the commute is from DEN to DFW typically. Because if I miss the flight, I am not covered under the commuter clause. There is an early morning AA flight and then a Frontier A318 flight after that which gets me in on time. Any clue if this is a wise choice or if I'll most likely get bumped from a JS given that I have no priority on either airline. Thanks!


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DEN-DFW is not too bad, sometimes I had to sit up front on the Super 80s, but not too often. The Frontier flights tended to be less full, but that was a couple of years ago.


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Elliot you dummy! You made your name you're REAL name. Yeah don't miss the deadhead

-Justin CLE PAD MATE haha


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Elliott, you are Positive space on the first leg, doesn't matter if you picked it up from open time or not.

Also, when our DEN base opens on Jan. 3rd, you will be based at home, can't beat that!