Delta Pilots Reject Contract Talks


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Pilots at Delta Air Lines, the third largest of the US carriers, have refused to start talks about making changes to their contract.

The Atlanta-based airline is looking for ways to cut its costs and is eyeing wage concessions from the cockpit crews.

However, their union, the Airline Pilots Association, made it clear its members are not ready to open discussions. "Management has requested a meeting with union leaders to discuss possible modifications to the pilots' working agreement. We have advised management that a meeting for this purpose is not appropriate at this time, " said Captain William C. Buerget, of ALPA.

"Our pilot working agreement is not amendable until 2005. Management cannot initiate discussions for early modifications without making a specific proposal with detailed justifications. If management makes such a request, the Delta MEC will analyze the request and decide whether to engage in negotiations, and if so, on what basis," he said.

The bleak financial climate in the US airline industry has seen a round of cost cutting calls from major carriers whose pilots are among the highest paid labor groups.

US Airways and United, both operating under bankruptcy protection, have won agreements on wage cuts and American Airlines and Northwest Airlines are now asking for concessions.

I think pretty much every airline is cutting pilot wages--Watch out Doug
Fat chance.

A contract is a contract, especially after multi-million dollar corporate bonuses last quarter.

Besides, the only carrier who cut pay, did so temporarily with a 'snap back' provision.

In addition, I could work for free and it'll change the price of a ticket, oh, probably $2.

TWA, who was in dire straits for years, cut employee pay and still went tango uniform.

Personally, I'm not planning on taking a hit because of poor management decisions and I think my union said it best.
i tell ya Doug those management people and their bonuses....United handing $6 million bonus to thier new CEO-Delta trying to get pay cut from pilots and so forth-what kind of idiots are running the airline business these days?

TWA, who was in dire straits for years, cut employee pay and still went tango uniform.

[/ QUOTE ]

Whats it mean to go "tango uniform"?

Also, with the whole industry being in the sad state its in, I hear people saying how it was similar to the early 90's. I even think someone (possibly doug taylor) said it was worse in the early 90's. So I was wondering what airlines went bankrupt during that period?

Tango Uniform, means TI or Tits Up (^) (^)

If I am not mistaken, Pan Am, Eastern and Braniff all went bust lat 80's ear;y 90's.
Yup, they're still taking bonuses at 30 to 60% of their base salary for revenue enhancements.

I've got the memo but I'm too lazy to find and post it.

Somebody has to take a stand. UAL pilots did what they had to, but that is an entirely different situation.
I guess it's times like these when you are thankful for a union who covers your butt eh?

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You got that one right, for sure!