Delta Connection Carriers


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Hey going to be applying to carriers through delta connection academy in about a year and was wondering your thoughts on the best DC leaning towards ASA as they are based out of atl...but my friends are going to Chatauqua and rave about it. I'm wondering out of the DC carriers who you guys think is the best to work for


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Depends on the year,but right now ASA has a crappy contract. Comair still has the best in the industry. Also, consider where you want to live and/or commute. But, in the end take the first job offered.


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Any of them are fine.... just remember to research and find out what you want...not to mention please look carefully at DCA before you start going there- there is alot of fine print. You dont just go there and graduate with a job flying an RJ.


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ye ai starting standz in march...the school is great but i would have to agree that their advertising could use a revamp


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ASA's contract is due to expire I think this year and I am sure they will be gettng a nice new one...I mean right now the RJ-200 pilots make only $3 an hour less than the RJ-700 guys