Delta Connection Acadamey (Repost)


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I just have a quick question about DCA. Since DCA is owned by Delta, DCA in some way contributes to Delta's financial succes, or failure. So, In order to make more money, why wouldn't Delta offer a preference to DCA grads once hiring resumes? It would seem that this would make DCA's enrollment soar, which would be good for Delta. I'm not suggesting that they do this, and I can see how many Delta pilots would not want this, I just don't understand why Delta wouldn't do something like this.
Considering the strike a few summers ago and all of the 'feel good' benevolence from the RJDC lawsuit, I'm sure there's not a lot of interest at this point in time.

In my personal opinion, continuing with the tradition of internal reccomendations and not having to carve out a percentage of a new hire class to fulfill a marketing promise.

I think the only big airline that had a clear preference for a non-affiliated flight school was USAir. Most of the former USAir pilots here at Delta were Riddle grads, which was weird.