Delta adds first checked bag fee


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“Delta Air Lines will begin charging $15 for passengers for their first checked bag and $25 for a second checked bag on domestic flights, the Atlanta-based airline announced Wednesday. But it’s also dropping a fuel surcharge for frequent flier award tickets, as well as a $3 fee for curbside check-in.”

Says they did it to match the NW fees, but I guess it's what they have to do to survive, especially with the busy season rolling in, the gases prices will begin to skyrocket again I'm sure...


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As someone who has traveled a bunch in the last few weeks, I have noticed the trend of WAY overstuffed carry-on bags appearing everywhere. People ALWAYS find a way around things. These fees are just stupid and created more trouble for the flight attendants.


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I agree, I think it was CO that had an employee walking around the ticket counter area checking the carry-on size bags.


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Yeah, I've noticed a lot of really stuffed carry on bags... and I kind of giggle and say 'You know, that thing is not going to fit in the overhead bin.' to which they replied 'Yes it will! It fit on my flight here!' Of course they probably got to Denver on a United 757 or something.

Brian Z

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It is funny how people will try and jam it in the overhead only to fail. They then complain because it has to be checked.


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Ugh, and I thought DL was going to be the one legacy to hold off on this silly fee. Drinks and every other frills I can understand, but its kind of standard that if you travel, you're going to have to bring a bag. Overseas, don't they encourage everyone to check bags? They seem very strict on that and really want you to check them to save hassle when you board the airplane. :mad:


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Man no wonder most Major Airlines are doing bad. Don't they realize that passengers hate this nickle and dimming crap?! :mad:. But I guess Airline Management is blind.:banghead:

Let me give an example. When someone introduces a product (any product). A competitor will try to make a better one at a better price (basically more bang for your buck).

But in the Airlines, I guess their philosophy is that if 1 is crappy, then we can be crappy as well. That my friends is sad.

Why don't they just put the price in the ticket itself? And save the Pax all this hassel?


:banghead: Delta used to stand out as one of the few airlines that didn't have the bag check fee. Lame, Delta. Lame.


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"Man no wonder most Major Airlines are doing bad. Don't they realize that passengers hate this nickle and dimming crap?! :mad:. But I guess Airline Management is blind."
You know what I would do if I were Airline management? I would raise every fair by $10. Then, I would advertise it. Something talking about the economy/price of fuel etc.

"To compensate, we're going to raise the price of every ticket by $10. No extra fees, No hidden fees. Just $10."

You know, be a bit more slick about it, but I just woke up.

If you only fly 50,000,000 pax (Delta/NW combo will easily surpass 120,000,000) that is an extra half-billion in revenue right there.