Deferred 1st Class


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Went last week for my 1st class and my blood pressure use a little high. 158/97. So the Doc deferred to the FAA. I went to my own Doc the next day and it was just fine. 128/80. (I don't like going to the Doctor). I do take medication. 5mg/day smallest doseage they give. This was all reported when I went for my 3rd class. Can anyone tell me what to expect as fas as the time it takes to get this all cleared up, once the FAA gets all the paperwork they are looking for? The AME only told me that the FAA will contact you. When I pressed him for how long it takes or what was the process, he just said "it's the government."
You sohuld get a letter from the FAA in about a month. If you get all the required paper work in ASAP then it will take about 3 months. They are so SLOW it is rediculous.
(I posted this on another board in response to a similar question, so I'm just cutting and pasting rather than rewriting it. Hope it helps, and good luck!)

I just received my 1st class medical about 4 weeks ago, after having had it deferred to Oklahoma City. My AME deferred it because I didn't have complete documentation available on a bicycle accident 9 years before that left me unconscious briefly and because of a cancer that I had treated 8 years before with no recurrence.

My file was sent to OK on 9/26 and I received the certificate right before Christmas, so it was about 3 months.

What I did was to get the documentation for my bicycle accident from the hospital and fax it to them in OK. I called them first, of course to let them know it was coming. They also said Fax it, don't mail it, because mail is being held up about 3 weeks for security to examine it for bombs, anthrax, etc.

I also called every week to get the status of it. When I would talk to someone, oftentimes the same person I think, I would explain my predicament and they would say that it would be given priority status. I don't know what this really means, but it does let them know that you are waiting on it.