Deer and a King Air 200 collide on the runway


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I would hate to be the guy cleaning up the blood...

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Why? They could've just R&R'd the prop, and flew it through a level 4...


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Thats what I was thinking tonyw.

It reminds me of jurrasic park III when they clip that (what ever the hell it was) dinosaur.

That is one of the grossest things ive seen happen to a plane.

A new way to hunt deer right there.

Mmmmmmm. Venison!

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Yeah, plenty tenderized too
! That's going to be a hard job cleaning that one up. Guess it shoulda been bobbin' when it was weavin'.


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That is some nasty stuff . . . Friday night my fiance and I were coming back from HEF where we had met her parents for dinner to MRB, and after we landed as I turned onto the taxiway we saw something run across the taxiway and she yelled, "DEER!" There were a couple more that crossed or waited to cross . . .

Didn't think I would encounter it where the entire field is enclosed by barb-wired fence.

Needless to say, will always be on the watch out for them now!


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My car looked like that when I ran over a coyote on the freeway....Blood splattered everywhere...and some of the coyote guts fused on my muffler and for over a month my car smelled like crispy coyote.


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Funny...I just use a knife to clean my deer. I guess there is always somone trying to come up with a new way to do evertything!


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I'm really surprised at what little structural damage there was (to the King Air, not the deer. In fact the deer is probably going to need at least an annual if not a few overhauls before he's airworthy again.) to the airframe. Usually thing get torn all to hell in wildlife strikes.


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The pictures reminded me of a story, A friend of mine was driveing home late one night and as he crested a hill ran smack dab into a herd of deer. His car hit at least 4, there was blood and guts everwheres, including all over my friend from moveing the deer. His car was undrivable so he started to walk home, when a state trooper approching from the opposite direction saw my friend covered in blood. The trooper did a felony stop on the guy, at gun point made him hit the ground. The trooper initially didn't believe the story, untill he went up the road to the "accident" site. The trooper later told my friend that he thought he had just committed a mass murder with all the blood he had on him.


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PETA plane.

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ya know.. i'm not sure PETA flies... cuz the fuel fumes would be "detrimental" to the animals lungs..