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So, I'm surfing the web, trying to find ways to reduce my cost of flying, and I run into a couple of flying clubs. I crunch the numbers and find out that if I fly as little as five hours a month, I come out ahead from the FBO.

Then I start thinking more, and see that one club has a Socata TB20, while the other one only has a Cardinal and a Skylane. The problem with the one with the Socata is that they only have low wing aircraft, which means that I'm going to have to spend more time with an instructor to get checked out since I've never flown one of those before.

My question is whether it'd be worth going with the club with the Socata or not.
More than likely you are going to have to get checked out wherever you go because of insurance requirements. This is usually the case with any FBO or establishment that isnt familiar with your abilities. If it were me, I would go with whichever one was cheapest in the end because it wont matter down the road which one you flew to get the hours you need. At least it doesnt matter when you are flying single pistons that arent complex or high performance. I suppose it boils down to your financial capabilities and tastes in aircraft.
Yeah...what SkyGuyEd said....transition is no biggie at all.

Socata looks like it'd be a cool plane. I've never flown one.
As others mentioned, transitions are generally no big deal.

The most important things are (not necessarily in order) cost, maintenance quality, and availability.

What is the cost?
Is the airplane well-cared for?
Can I get it when I want it for as long as I want it for?
I just got checked out in a trinidad. It's a fun plane to fly, but it's broken all the time. Parts are hard to find, they usually have to be shipped from france and take forever to get there. It's an easy plane to fly and really fast.