daytona vs. presscot


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I applied for presscot about a month ago, and all I've recieved is a paper saying that thery're still looking at it, but which one is better, Daytona sure does look nicer. And also which is harder to get into to? I'm sure I'd have to apply seperately for daytona, is it too late?
Here is quote from Doug answering my question <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Well, I'm on a layover in Daytona Beach this evening and I had the same conversation with my captain on approach today.

Basically, the facilities are better in Daytona Beach, it's a bigger campus and there's tons of nightlife.

The problem is, since the facilities are better, there's almost too many students and since there is a great nightlife in Daytona Beach, the chances of not doing so well in class is enormous.

The Prescott campus is smaller, you can do more flying sooner, better weather (by far) and it's more personable.

i've been to the Daytona campus, but Prescott would still be my first choice if I did it over again.

Go to Prescott for college and Daytona Beach for spring break.

Thank You very much Doug!
I think you also get more Multi time at Prescott. I am a PRC grad. I also prefer Arizona over florida. You do not have as much opportunity for actual IMC however. Either thunderstorms or icing. I logged 1 hour of IMC in arizona. .5 of it was holding over Drake VOR while someone got lost on his approach into PRC.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
Doug, are the opportunities the same at Prescott the same as at Daytona. Overall, such as recognition, internships, and opportunity.
Hey I don't know much about prescott but I do know that it can be a real pain getting in the air in Daytona. And the night life isn't so great here either. It is good during Spring break and that is about it. I am not saying it isn't awsome but we have had some transfers from Presscot that said they hated it. I don't know what else to tell you.
You do have to apply seperately to DAB but I'm pretty sure that the school's are equally easy/hard to get into. If you haven't heard anything back from PRC then keep calling them to get to work on it. The recognition is the same anywhere. Not sure about DAB but PRC has TONS of internships available plus a nice fair where all these airline reps show up and interview students and answer questions and stuff. Really nice.

The night life sucks here, this town's basically a retirement community. But, the school's real good about getting students up in the air. We have at least 4 "activities" scheduled a week. (Activity = flying, XC, oral, flight sim, etc...)

Hope that helps you some.
The facilities at Daytona are bigger and better. But there are more students there. There is more to do at night, but if you're really serious about flying you can put that on hold for a few years.

About the scheduling at Daytona... I know a handful of people who went back home to log some hours instead of staying there for the summer. It's easier to go back to an FBO close to "home" because you can pretty much fly whenever YOU want.