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I just slapped on a pair of the new "undercut" earseals on my David Clarks and they are so much more comfortable. The new seals give your ears some more wiggle room and make a much better seal so the noise reduction seems better too. A well spent $20 if your DCs bother you the way mine did.
I'm a DC user and I also got the new "undercut" gel seals and couldn't tell that much of a difference. I am happy with my set up. I wish they had a bit of the fleece on the outside to help with the sweat factor. Although I wonder, from time to time, what it would be like to wear a Bose, Lightspeed 30-3G, or the Telex 50D....

Ditto to all of CS's points. I just picked up a set of the undercut seals and they're comfy, but the fleece coating of the other ones was key for sweat. They also breathe a little; I can imagine the new ones will just keep heat in. I haven't flown with them yet, so we'll see.

I've got the H10-13XLs and have flown a 3+ hr XC with the Bose X. As I've posted before, if I'd bought the Bose and then tried the DCs I'd have been pissed. The Bose are more comfortable (not that I find the DCs uncomfortable), but the ANR isn't any better than the DCs and I hate both the mic boom and the mic's sidetone audio.
Ah this reminds me of my first "real" flight in the King Air. Please indulge me here. The flight was into PIT, you know Hold 210 to the marker PIT. I was right seat going in and was awe struck by the tempo, coming out I flew left seat. I admitt I was a little nervous and excited at the same time. Departure went ok and after finally settling into cruise back to home station I realized my neck was all wet. I reached up and wiped my neck and my shirt collar was all wet. Man I knew I was a little nervous but I was shocked at how much I was sweating, it was not like me at all. It took me a few moments to realize I wasn't sweating at all but rather my gel seal had broke on my DCs and it was gel oozing down my neck not sweat. I still use gel seals on my DC because they are very comfortable.
are the undercut different than the regular gel seals?

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Yes, they have a little "flange" so the opening where the ear goes in is small but the interior room of the seal is enlarged.

pic of DC undercut seal
Cross-section: (headset cup would be to the right, your melon to the left)

Broader skin contact area too, supposed to spread contact pressure, improve seal over eyeglass stems. They also seem to be a little bit thicker too, like 1/8" to 1/4" thicker than the fleece-lined ones.
I wish they had a bit of the fleece on the outside to help with the sweat factor.

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Ditto here.

I love the comfort of the gel seals, but the sweat thing, I could do without.
but the sweat thing, I could do without.

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Drink less water :p