Damage Reports!


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Those of us in the East got hit pretty hard with snow last night . . . looking for the damage reports!

How much snow did you get?

KMRB, WV, got about 8 in last night alone to add to the 4 that was already on the ground.
about 5 or 6 in dc metro area/northern va. But now it is starting to ice over with some freezing rain and ice pellets...not pretty
Had to tune on the AC last night here in FL
I think we got around a foot, but the wind has been blowing so there are some massive drifts. My car was buried in its parking spot this morning and took a while to get out.

And of course, everythign was cancelled except college, go figure!
We only got about 3 inches here, but the last 1/2 inch was all ice. It made for an interesting drive to class this morning.

I was in upstate NY this past weekend visiting my parents. We had about four up there. Four feet, that is (not kidding- plus/minus a few inches maybe). Yuck. I'm ready for spring.
I'm in Utica till Wednesday. With the low of -20 last night I think I know I made the right decision to move to Florida.
Boy, I sure do love my job...HAD to go to work today. Mortgage business...guess the market doesnt close for snow either. Looks like we wont be getting the brunt of the ice till late tomorrow so i will probably be in there tomorrow as well. the worst part is in my townhouse development there are plow drivers who feel it necessary to plow you into yourspace...so, that basically triples the time needed to clean off the car and get it out of the space....maybe i will move to Florida with John Tenney...anyone know any mortgage brokers looking for help in cali or florida?
We only got about 4 here, but hey, it got us out of school

[/ QUOTE ]

Out of school for 4 inches? Southerner!

After six years living in Michigan's Upper Penninsula (in a town that averaged over 250 inches of snow per year), I only saw school cancellations a handfull of times. The local university was only canceled twice, both for cold rather than snow. But, then again, Yoopers are a different kind of people . . .

Here in Fresno, the news stations are yapping about the 'cold weather.' It's been in the lower 50s during the day and upper 30s at night. I'm still wearing sandals!

Edited to add: They just issued a 'storm warning' . . . we're supposed to get a 1/4 inch of rain tomorrow. Better dig out the PFDs . . .
well i wake up this morning to find prolly 10" of snow on the ground here with a sheet of ice (from freezing rain) under it. All the public schools in the county are cancelled. So is the University that is only a couple of miles away. however, due to some a**hole lawschool kids a few years ago U-M won't cancel classes. EVER. Those kids sued the school for the tuition they lost on the one snow day. ONE SNOW DAY!!! ack is taht too much to ask for!?!?!

We're supposed to be getting that huge storm that got ND the other day today but its ok, cause i still won't get classes cancelled.

note to self. go to school down south.
Hey, PhotoPilot, as a Youper you must know all about the "Second Week of Deer Camp", right?

I've got "Da Youpers" CD in my collection ... it is a riot.

Mmmmmm . . . deer camp!

When I said "a different kind of people," deer camp was one of my considerations (as were the Packers, snowmobileing, Carhartts, LaBatts, pasties, 4x4s, guns, and towns with names like Negaunnee, Ishpeming, Escanaba, Skandia, and Naubinway). As for the second week, if you're not dressed head-to-toe in blaze orange, wearing a Packers jacket, or carrying a lot of beer, stay the heck out of the woods!