Dallas radio work??


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I am looking at the Dallas location, and was wondering if those of you that have been in that area would give some insight on the radio work there?
ATC communications? Just currious how difficult it will be for a person with little experience in busy air space to catch on.

What are your thoughts and experiences?
Ohh!! Well, it's no biggie really. Were at Arlington Municipal (GKY) which is a non-towered field, so pretty easy radio calls. You only need to contact DFW ATC if you plan on a flight through the class B, which is like 3,000 MSL above the field and 4,000 MSL 10 minutes south. You wont need a Class B transition for most of the training as we do it well south. Have a look at the Dallas-Fort Worth sectional and you'll see what I mean.

Even if you aren't to experienced with ATC communications, it's a good place to ease into it. You'll have an instructor there to catch you if things get overwhelming, and after a while you'll be taking the radios away from him (or her). After a few flights on IFR practice or flight following, you'll be a pro. Just relax, think about what they are telling you, and repeat it back. If you're not familiar with the phraseology, ALWAYS ask for clarification.

Also, try listeing to DFW ATC here. It'll be gibberish at first-- just pick out one or two words you don't understand (or maybe a short phrase, like "delete speed") and look them up. After a while you'll be able to understand everything.
Hey Jim,

that DFW ATC is a lot clearer than JFK live ATC (the transmission cleared and less garbled and don't phase out as much)

Thanks eventhough it wasn't for me
You bet man!

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No prob, and I should say that for about 90% of the training, the only radio calls you will make are in the local pattern at Arlington Muni. All that other stuff I was talking about only counts if you go north, and there's not too much reason to do that, even for x-country work.