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Took the wife up to Cornucopia, WI to dip the toes in Lake Superior.
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Apostle Islands
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@Nark Many thanks to your brothers for saving the lives of hundreds of campers, hikers and their dogs for the last 4 days in the wildfires up North. Smoke was so thick that the pilots had to use their night vision goggles. At one point, they were landing Chinooks some 50 feet next to the burning trees in the forests to rescue folks. Black Hawk crews were flying out the injured. Hella job!!





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Carry over from the "what are you doing with your free time thread". Procured some OEM 737 yokes am working on devising a mechanical solution to build them into my 737 sim. Started by installing some bearings and creating a mounting apparatus for the CA yoke. On to the FO yoke next.






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A few from 2017, 2 from the FAA Tower and one from my short-bus tower. One shot is of a brand new 787 from PAE arriving and holding short to taxi to the MX Base post-purchase while a company 787 departs, and the other is United's first 77W, "The New Spirit of United" arriving to the back of the typical SFO morning conga line at the end of it's SFO-NRT-SFO proving run, the first time United had flown one long haul after weeks of domestic flying with the new type.



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Smoke from the West Coast making its way over the New England shorelines, as one of Jetblue's 200-seater NEOs gets readied up for a trip to MCO. This plane, N2047J, was the last delivered back in March before B6 started parking birds for the 'Rona.