Current status report of depression


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Dr. Forred, I assume you remember my previous post. I would like to forward you a scanned copy of the report my psychiatrist wrote up to see if it is sufficient. Thanks.
The FAA sent me a denial today for my class 1. They said needed to complete some tests for a reconsideration.

ADD: Trails making A & B.
Wisconsin Card sorting test

The report should contain a detailed evaluation based on a battery of psychological evaluations. Such a battery should include: the compelete Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised WAIS-R, and 2 the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2/MMPI).

They also said I needed 3 or more of these:

A. a cognitive function screening test such as the Category test, Rey auditory, california auditory verbal learning test
B. A projective test such as the Rorschach or Sentence completion
C. A personality inventory test such as the NEO-R, the personality assessment inventory, the MCMI.
D. A symptom screening test such as the Beck or Hamilton for depression, or the MAST for alcoholism.

They also want a urine drug screening for ADD meds and psychostimulant meds.

They said they want all records covering prior psychiatric hospitalizations or other periods of observation or treatment.

Due to my "history" or adjustment disorder (it only happened during the first couple months of college) i am required to submit a complete copy of the initial clinical evaluation from the psychiatrist, to include a copt of treatment progress notes.

They also want a current status report from my "attending physician" regarding my history of adjustment disorder, anxiety/depression to include interim history, prognosis, follow-up plan, type, dosage, frequency of use, and side effects of current medication, and results of current studies deemed appropriate. The narrative should include specific comments regarding the date all meds were discontinued.

These letters meet the requirements for the last item they requested. You still need to supply the tests they requested, a drug screen and copies of all of your medical records from ALL providers. If you fail to provide this information, you will be denied.
Thank you! Now all I need to do is get my tests done. Are these tests a policy bundle or can I call and plead my case for them to lighten the load?
They are a bundle and there is no negotiating. My best advice - don't push your luck when they may consider a denial (stay under the radar).
Should I let the FAA know how many hours I have when I send in my results? I've logged about 14 hours so far; do you think that will help persuade them more?
I called today and asked for an extension. They said they don't give out extensions as long as a denial is already sent out. Supposedly from what the regional flight medical center said, I have as long as the exam is good (1 year since date of exam) to send in my tests. If this is true, what is the "30 days for reconsideration" mean on my letter?