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Passed this ride last Friday. The examiner was pretty thorough. Here's a summary of the oral:

Flight for hire
Can you fly your neighbor to collect lottery winnings if he offers to share with you?

Can you fly 800 AGL for a photo flight over a wilderness area? What can happen if you do?

What's a public aircraft?

Can you fly a public aircraft 800 AGL over a wilderness area?

The FAA wants you to fly some of their employees in your airplane at 800 AGL over a wilderness area. Do the regs apply to you?

What is hypoxia?

What is carbon monoxide poisoning?

How can you tell the difference between someone with carbon monoxide poisoning and someone with hypoxia not caused by CO?

How does the eye work for night vision?

Why does the FAA recommend you use O2 above 5000 feet at night?

Lots of airspace questions. We covered G airspace extensively.

Regs specific to B airspace. Speed limits.

You must have a clearance into B airspace but do you need a clearance out of B airspace? Who does?

If while on an IFR flight plan you are cleared for a visual approach into the primary airport in B airspace can you fly the glideslope/localizer? Can you descend below the B shelf out of B airspace and back into B airspace if cleared for the approach?

Can a controller assign a speed higher than 200 under the shelf of B airspace? What if you accept such a clearance? Who would be held responsible?

explain how a constant speed propeller works

Explain the landing gear

The Flight:

slow flight, pwr off stall, pwr on stall with a 15-20 deg bank, steep turns, chandells, lazy 8, pwr off spiral.

My maneuvers were all okay, but that's it. I've flown better. I rushed through the chandell and lazy 8. Nerves I guess. I'd flown those well before but when it came time to show the examiner, I got in a big hurry and put in too much pitch too early on the chandell. I let him know right away what I did wrong before he could tell me. He then flew one and had me critique him. He wasn't coordinated at all so I pointed that out. He was satisfied so we moved on.

Pwr off spiral went well enough. We did it right over an airport and flew it down to about 20 feet above touchdown when he said to go around. It wasn't perfect, but we would have touched down within the first 3rd of the runway. Good enough. I was a little high so had to put in full flaps on final and slow it up to short field approach speed. He said it's bad to land short of the runway but if you're too high it doesn't matter which end of the runway you miss.

Couple of landings in the Comanche, one in the 150, and that was it. Passed!

Overall it was tough, but I learned a lot from the examiner. And he's inspired me to crack open the books some more and keep the learning going.

Now on to the CFI training...