Cross country milage limitations


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Comparing schools and was wondering if there are milage limitations on where you can fly solo on your cross countrys. Do you fly solo in the multi engine aircraft during any part of the professional program? How is fuel paid for when you go cross country? Another school I am looking at has no milage restrictions but will only reimburse you for $1.16 per gallon (there cost). Of course most people there stay close to home but have the option to go further if they want.
There is no solo X/C's in the Seminole. The longest one is 4 hours in the Seminole and is a dual. While in Step II (time building/commercial maneuvers) you can combine a couple of lessons into one and head up to Savannah GA, Valdosta GA, Panama City FL,Key West FL, or Tallahasee FL in the Cadet. Needless to say these are very long trips in a Cherokee! I believe those are the furthest approved airports as per FSI reg's. When you go on a cross country FSI gives you a Multi-Service card for fuel (no cost for you). Just about every place takes it. You can also put the fuel on your own credit card and be reimbursed either by check or by credit to your account. I had to do this 3 times so far since I forgot to get a fuel card from dispatch.
You can even request to take the aircraft on longer XC'c and even overnight. I know one guy took a cherokee over the thanksgiving break up to Atlanta and combined it with a few step II XC lessons as well.
There is a list of approved XC destinations but approval is possible for airports within 500nm, to include overnights. This of course requires special permission, but is something I am going to do rather than just drone around Florida. They do make you wait until the later stages of step 2 however.
Not to nit-pick, but the longest flight is the 5 hour in step 5.


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not to nit-pick your nit-pick, but I think that he/she was asking about solo flights.


I believe that their is an unwritten limitation of 1000 NM. The way I heard it, this stems from an IP and SP who went about 1500 miles and then had mechanical problems.

I do know that one of the former IPs used to take his SPs on the long step V x-c to New Orleans.