CRJ Transition course


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I was informed today that DCA changed their CRJ transition course policy and will provide the CRJ course at no cost. My wallet and I think that it was a very good move on part of DCA and it shows that they care about their students.

See ya all in Dec,

yep it came as a surprise to me too... except for the fact that I'll still be paying 40,000 for training.

I thought about entering in March, but I need to save money like crazy.
I was reading over the material they sent me, and if I understand it correctly, it's only free if you are working for them as a CFI at the time. Granted, just about anyone who enrolls in the program wants to do the CFI thing with them, but it sucks for the people that don't get hired, because they did shell out the big bucks , and didn't even get the free course.