CrewTrac as THE logbook?


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I was just curious if anyone on this board, instead of keeping a logbook out of paper, just prints off the flightlog from CrewTrac each month and keeps it in a binder. I've been doing that since I upgraded to captain, and I'm thinking this will be a great un-debateable record of flight time when going to a future company. The only work that's required is to add up your TT to the monthly total each month- you also see tail numbers, and the crew you were flying with. Downside is it doesn't show instrument time, night time, landings, etc. But I'm wondering if at this level how much night time/instrument time I have is really that important.

Any thoughts?
I know quite a few guys at majors that do this, but I wouldn't do it if you're at a regional or very junior at a major and might need to apply for another major job in the future. Hiring boards can be pretty lenient dealing with logbooks on guys that have been at a major for 10+ years and lost their job due to bankruptcy, but they expect pretty detailed records from everyone else. Personally, I stopped carrying around a trip book or a PDA logbook program a few years ago, and I just use the crewtrac report to fill in my logbook, but I still do fill in the hard copy logbook just in case. After I upgrade here I'll probably stop completely and just staple the crewtrac report into the logbook after each month, but that's still years away at this rate.
As much as CrewTrac gets screwed up around here.....not me. Scheduling has been messing things up where out and backs get dropped off lately. I haven't been paying much attention to mine since I use APDL and won't break guarantee until I'm 40, but I know some guys that are constantly fighting with scheduling and payroll to get things put back right.