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I'm studying for a BEng in Air Transport Engineering at City Univerisity, London. I'm in the process of writing my thesis which is titled 'The future development of ETOPS and Long Range Operations'. One of my chapters is based on what aicraft flight crew prefer when operating long-range flights. If you are a pilot that has flown both twinjets and quadjets I would really appreciate if you could answer the following question:

" Do you prefer to fly 2 or 4 engined aicraft on long overwater flights or routes which fly over extreme regions, which entail long diversion times?why?" (please answer with the aicraft types that you usually fly and the airline you work for (or country) )

Your views will help me a great deal and I look forward to your responses!


My situation is a little different. Have crossed the ponds three times in a twin jet and for me personally, I'd much rather be in the tanker jet that I'm following. Primarily, in my case, since if I lose an engine, the remaining engine is not only thrust deficient, it'll eat fuel at a horrendous rate versus how far I get with it. That's just in my aircraft, it's wildly different in a transport-category jet with CF-6 engines, for example. But I still like the redundancy of a 3 or 4 engine jet since if you lose one in a twinjet, you really are betting on your last option.

You don't need to look far. I very much doubt you'll find a pilot that prefers fewer engines, the margin just isn't there. A better place to pose this question would be

I fly MD-11s for FedEx and have also flown DC-8s and 747s.