crash in Laconia, NH


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RIP...This happened over the weekend. My colleagues must care about me since they were all worried that it might have been me and called to check.

news story with the most detail:

Here's my question for the crowd: by the description of witnesses, it sounds like an engine-out-on-takeoff scenario. Here's the google map link of the area. Can anyone monday-morning-quarterback any better ideas than what the pilot attempted? (zoom out 2 clicks and scroll to the right to see the end of the runway). My take on the scenario is that he did what he could (since the resort is in line with the end of the runway), but bad luck prevailed.

<small>View Larger Map</small>"><iframe marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",+laconia,+nh&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&cid=0,0,17750636377479388055&ei=qpA3SozDKIGMtgehkrDgDA&ll=43.564651,-71.448351&spn=0.006295,0.006295&t=h&output=embed" scrolling="no" width="425" frameborder="0" height="350"></iframe>
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