Crash in Cleawater Hits Close to Home


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I posted last week about the crash of a Piper Navajo near Cleawater Airpark in Florida.

Saturday, I picked up a newspaper and - to my disbelief and complete shock - saw a familiar face staring back at me.

Under a headline about the crash, was a smaller box with the pictures and names of the two who did not survive the crash.

One was the owner of the Navajo.

The other....

..was a 24 year old CFI whom I had flown with three or four times at the FBO where I earned my PPL.

Dan was a sharp kid. ERAU grad. Ambitious. Wanted to fly for the D.E.A. Good pilot.

Then I went on to read that the NTSB had already determined that he was at the controls of the Navajo when it crashed (guess they got that from the survivor - the article did not say).

Truly sad day.

I realized long ago that the longer I was involved in aviation, I'd probably know someone who would become a fatality - I think it's something we all know in the backs of our minds.

Just didn't think it would be this soon.

Hope to never experience that again..... but, have a feeling I will.

That's all.


I know what you mean. If you are in this business long enough you will face the same sadness. The real problem is when it happens to some one that you just knew was going to kill himself. This happened to me about a year ago, the only "good" thing he was by himself. I was sad but not shocked, I often wonder could I have said something to this guy at some point that could have made a difference.