Craig Airport next Friday 1/9


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Well, after much thought I have decided to jump into the ATP program with both feet. I called down to JAX today and spoke with a few people to set up a tour for next Friday. (Jet Blue here I come) Anyway, if there are any JC crew with some down time I will be in the area for a couple of days and will probably be crying in my beer after the shock hits me that I finally committed to something that I have wanted to do since childhood. So come meet me and convince me that I made the right choice!!!
I live here in JAX and after much research and help from JC have decided to go the ATP route, hopefully starting Feb 2 or March 1. Did the tour back in September, I think you'll really like it. And, much like you, the feeling of committing to something I've wanted to do pretty much since my earliest memories has come as a serious shock to the system. I had thought myself 'out of the game' long ago. Let me know when you're coming to town, I'll PM you a # to reach me at.