Mashin' dem buttons
Spent 3 nights in Cozumel this past workend (my word, you can use it though)

Cruisin'. Somewhere near Cuba.

Cuba's northern coast, west of Havana

Essentials. mikecweb got me too drunk off of tequila last year, so that's no longer on my drink list. By the way, La Choza is a fantastic restaurant if you find yourself in town.

Another fine Mexican brew

White on white

Locals on a Saturday evening

Dinner table at La Cocay. Another fine dining establishment.

Copilot insisted on telling the owner it was my birthday.

Gotta love Mexico

Sunday morning: 5:15 wakeup, 5:45 bus, 6 am show, 7 am departure...for this

Flight plan out of Cancun

Just a small little town, Cancun

Calm water, building storms

Storm pushing up into the 50s

One more deviation between us and home

I've got a few videos that'll be up in the next few days.