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A father of one of the students in my mothers class, told me that a local airline is hiring, and he gave me his name to use as a reference. I have my resume all filled out, but after searching this board, I really didn't get much help with regards to a cover letter.

Can someone point me to a good template to use, or a website with templates?

I guess I want to see what the cover letter should contain.


Run a search on professional firms who write resumes and cover letters for you, they have examples, and pointers which are really useful!
Check this link out: Cover Letters That Sell

The basics of a cover letter are this: They should cover why you are a good choice for the job you're applying for. They are also targeted to each prospective employer (i.e. you really can't use a form letter). The cover letter also allows you to cover things that are not on your resume.

If you think about applying for a job like selling a car the resume is the sticker in the window. It tells you the facts, and the cover letter is the sales pitch. Why should the potential buyer buy this particular car.

Hope that helps.

Look at the job requirements. Be sure to say you have experience in all the rewuirements in the cover letter. I've always found that helps to get you the interview. But of course, this is in the business world. Flying minimums, etc. speak for themselves.
Try not to focus on yourself. Highlight what you have to offer them, not what they have to offer you. This goes for the interview too. Don't ever say that you want the job becasue it will help you reach your goal of becomming a major airline pilot or anythig like that. They don't want to belive that you will use this job as a stepping stone, and you shouldn't let them belive it.