Couple of Q's.


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Couple of Q\'s.

Curious how the student loan process works. Once you get accepted what actions do you take to get the student loans. I mean, ERAU obviously is awaiting payment from you, so if your plan is loans how do you inform them?

Once you are accepted is there any type of orientation or intorduction for first time students? I'm still wearing diapers over here.
Re: Couple of Q\'s.

Here is a link that will answer most of your answers.

And there will be orientation like one week before school starts. Financhial aid is something that you have to figure out how much you need and if you are using a coborrower, which can be found on the website. I chose Sallie Mae because I had to get loans for the entire four years and I believe they had the highest loan amount. Just check it out and look for the best interest rates and I would strongly suggest using a coborrower due to a lower interest rate. I am in my senior yr now and I have accumulated about 9000 in interest during that time and it would be like 15000 without one. So just look into it on the website and if you have any questions you can e-mail me at Good luck...
Re: Couple of Q\'s.

Remember to check ALL of your financing options. Not just the ones that the financial aid offices give you. My financial aid officer did her best to help me, but right now I'm in a rut myself.

Make sure you take all your loans out with 1 lender and preferably one that will consolidate all your loans together. I made the mistake of going with Bank of America and am having plenty of trouble

Run searches on yahoo and such (IE: Student Loans, Federal Loans). can be helpful on this subject.

Don't just look at the big names like Key Bank or Sallie Mae. There are other one's out there too! OH... and makes sure you get as much FEDERAL AID as humanly possible. Private loans are extremely hard to consolidate, but federal lonas on the other hand can be fairly easy. Let me know if you have any more questions.

OH YEAH... start EARLY... the earlier you get the loans in and approved, the less you have to worry about when school starts.

by the way... don't do flight there... just my personal opinion. I had a REALLY bad experience there and would not recommend the flight program to ANYONE. I would suggest coming in with you commercial and doing the Aeronautical Science program... that way you get the credits for the flight, but don't have to deal with the riddle BS. Don't get me wrong, the academics are great. I enjoyed the majority of my classes. (just a hint... minor in Aviation Safety and have classes with Bill Waldock... you won't regret it... unless you are looking for easy classes. These ones are really interesting, but the tests can be difficult.)

I am graduating in December so I am more than willing to give you my scoop on the place.