Corporate sticks


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What exactly IS the point of being the tallest mountain of subcontinental crap the world has ever seen if you can't even use your Orangutan arms to do the stall test, anyway? Because I can personally attest that your absurd size has significant drawbacks when one of more rational dimensions (and more self-knowledge in drinking) is trying to remove you from public sight while unconscious and probably wetting yourself.

A good F/O would verify and ameliorate.

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
A good F/O would verify and ameliorate.
I was the C/A when he fell over dead drunk and had to be uhm "removed". Just by virtue of being older and having more TT, NOT a better aviator (although, I mean, obviously I am) or with more time on the aircraft, which he will be the FIRST to tell you, in deeply offended tones. It makes my day, every time.