Corporate Procedures


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I'm just curious, how do various corporate flight departments run their procedures? For instance, does the PF taxi the aircraft onto the runway (as opposed to airlines which have the Captain taxi until 80 knots call)? How are the checklists handled?

I'm curious, because I am taking a CRM course this summer, and the procedures are VERY different from what I have learned in the airlines. I'm thinking either A) they are modeled after corporate flight departments, or B) the people making them just kinda decided on what they thought was correct.

I want to see if my suggestions about changes would be correct, or if I should keep the big hole shut and watch the procedures go as is.

It's a delicate subject... 80% of our pilots go to the airlines, so I'd say model after that. However, our aircraft model corporate aircraft (Seminole, King Air 200), so that is a consideration.

PIC: he gets the clearence, I get last min weather atis and talk to Ground get taxi instructions.

PIC taxis to the runway, when we are cleared to depart, if I am flying I take over 100%.

Quick brief, any light on master panel, PIC makes the call to abort prior to V1, if no abort, ignore the warning, and we will deal with it once in the air.

Once on the rwy: Set power, PNF calls Airspeed, and Reminds for Vr., hand on the throttle until V1, at V1 both hands on the yoke,

Vr positive rate, gear up.

Landing brief the approach by PNF, Call out all requirements, except trip PNF works everying.

Land... Get paid.

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Cool, sounds a lot like what we have here. I guess I'm learning corporate CRM instead of airline CRM. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif Well, procedures.
It's almost impossible to answer that question - literally every dept is different in the way they do things. Most dept's do things similar to what Eagle said but everybody is a little different - if you're interested I'll post some things on the way we do things - I just don't have the time right now.

Jason, I'm in the RDU area. Didn't know if I could ask you some questions sometime about the industry?
I probably missed it somewhere if you said it, but what aircraft are you flying lately? I keep looking with envy at the corporate planes that fly into my local airport. It really must suck to get paid to fly! Oh well...someday /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
I fly SIC (copilot) in a Citation-500
Very nice indeed. Do those Citations accelerate on takeoff roll pretty fast? I've Space-A'd a hop on a C-21, and we could have been in a fighter for what it felt like.
You are right Jason, my post was very vague. The thing is, in this CRM course I am taking, many of the procedures seem confusing. There must be a better way, and I am trying to provide input to help change some of the SOPs to make things less confusing.

All my CRM/Procedures experience has been strictly in the airlines. That's why I'm curious if most of the procedures used in this course are Corporate-type procedures. I use the example of taxiing on to the runway. In the airlines per the SOP I have, the Captain controls until 80 knots, then PF takes over. Here, the PF takes over right from the beginning holding short.

Also, the checklists seem to be arranged VERY differently. Like the Before Takeoff Checklist. It consists of a runup AND what I normally would understand as the Before Takeoff Checklist. Not sure if that's how it is in the corporate side of things.