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Hey everyone.....first post so go easy on me going for an interview with pretty big company here in a few weeks for a right seat job in a lear 60...i have ridiciously low hours right now. My cousin flys left seat for them on their 60 now and walked my resume in for me. the only reason i sent the application is because they are looking for a "zero time pilot". I presume this is so they can pay me in peanuts and make me a scrub for a while...I have no quams about this considering this could be my big break into the corporate world. My question for yall is do you have any tips for me walking into this. Its a 91 op with currently 4 pilots. any feedback would be great! thank you in adavnce....matt
1. Go buy a NICE suit (Polo, Brooks Brothers... find the local outlet store, ect, ) get the university jacket for about 100$ and a nice set of pants as well. Send your new white shirt out the the dry cleaners and have it pressed and starched. pick a tie with blue and yellow. no red.

2. If you do not have your log book in a computer spread sheet get one ASAP, and transcribe ALL of you hours into it. then print out a summary sheet/totals and bring those, along with your hand written book. If they want to look throughall your logs they will ask for it.

4. Be sure you know how long it takes to get there. DO NOT BE LATE, Be 2-3 min early.

5. Shave, ..... and get a good haircut. no Goatees, no Mullets (goatee the 21st century mullet)

6. remember key phrases such as,

Yes Sir,
No Sir,
Thank you Sir.

If you get the job it is because they like you, with the minimum hours it is not because you have a killer flight resume.

Some companies do expect the flight crews to be on the base and do misc work, cleaning the aircraft, paperwork training working the line.

If you ge tthe offer, let us know if you want to talkk specifics on pay and rates etc send me a pm.
[ QUOTE ] based out of xxxx(Kxxx) a lear 60

[/ QUOTE ]

I wouldn't mention Dunkin Donuts

Good luck, I think Eagle pretty much covered it. I also liked the 21st Century Mullet comment.
hey thanks for the your sayin i shouldnt bring in a 20 oz of coffee from dunkin donuts....i wonder why? haha thanks again fellas
didnt want to give any of the guys any more ammunition! After the whoopin they gave fresno this weekend they might be a bit mad