Cool destinations in the MidAtlantic states


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What are some of your favorite places to fly to in the Midatlantic/Northeast to spend an afternoon, get something to eat, or just hang out for a little while? My favorite places so far are the Andover-aeroflex airport in Northern NJ and the Blairstown airport, also in Northern NJ

I was thinking about heading south to Check out Tangier Island (TGI) some time soon. Has anybody been there and is it worth the trip?
Fly in to IAD and visit the Smithsonian Annex. There are places on the eastern shore of Maryland (Crisfield comes to mind) where you can go and get excellent crab cakes. Fly to Martin State (MTN) in Baltimore ... if you're instrument rated (or working on it), try the VOR/DME 15 approach ... the entire approach is a DME arc ... then go to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to get a bite to eat or catch an Orioles game. Two of the east coast's best mountain flying airports are in the mid-Atlantic ... LWB (Lewisburg/Greenbrier, WV) and ROA (Roanoke, VA) ... both are interesting. If you go to BWI, Signature will give you a crew car and directions to an excellent Italian place (whose name escapes me) ... but it is just down the road from the airport in Linthicum. The desk folks at Signature will know what you're talking about. Go to FDK and visit AOPA headquarters. In Martinsville VA (MTV) there's a decent on-field restaurant, just don't go when the race is in town unless you get a slot!

That should give you a heck of a start ...

Fly to Martin State (MTN) in Baltimore ...
... then go to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to get a bite to eat or catch an Orioles game

[/ QUOTE ]

MTN has no crew cars so good luck getting them to drive you to the inner harbor. GED has an excellent new resturant, MIV and WWD are places I go to a lot and always enjoy. Flying W sounds like a cool place but I've never made it up there.
If you're just looking for a bite to eat, the restaurant at Lancaster, PA (LNS) is pretty good. Even the townies drive out to the airport to eat there.