converting a CFI/I to college credit


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Is there any truth to the rumor that you can transfer your license to college credit? if so how many credits and do you have to transfer it to an aviation degree?
Depends on the school/program. I know Riddle's distance learning will do it, but I don't know how much credit it is, at least not yet.....
I got 36 cr. hrs. from Riddle for having my Comm/CFI/CFII. Thats for the B.S. program. If you're getting an associates, its less (18 I think).
Charter Oak State College ( will as well and if they accept all my credits my CFI just put me over the requirements for a BS.
I heard they wouldn't accept credit from DCA guys cause of their silly advertising claims....
I was told USVC only gives you 16 credit hours for Comm/CFII/MEI wheres ERAU gives you 36 cr. hours. Any truth to this? (That is towards a BS)

Oh, that is right, and you have to pay for them, $30/credit hour. They call it challenge credit.

I know all learning institutions are set up to make money but UVSC seems like they are gouging a bit, especially with the aviation program. (my personal experience and opinion)
Your basically looking at an extra $30/credit hour for ERAU. But they also run the program much differently than UVSC so I would highly recommend calling an advisor or a school rep for the details.

It really depends on who disciplined you are and if you are a self-starter. Distance learning drop out rates are amazingly high. Don't fool yourself on any program thinking it will be a breeze. But UVSC is way easier than ERAU.
Yeah, ERAU's not all that easy. I went into it thinking it was going to be a joke. Its no easier than actually being in class, and its sometimes harder- especially the discpline to do it. Its working out great for me though.
Yeah me too. I have been really stoked on the transfer decision. I love the challenge.