Controlled Field


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Hey Everyone,
Well its almost time for me to head on into the controlled field for my first time in my PPL training. I am really excited, yet a little anxious at the same time. Any advice or words of wisdom? Thanks!



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Relax and have fun. I have done all of my training at a controlled field. Both my private and now my IFR training. I have to say I found it much easier. When I have flown to uncontrolled fields I have encountered several people that have not ben using their radios. They aer not required to, but it makes it safer for all of us. I was just about to start rolling out for departure and a plane turned a short final with not one word. To be in the pattern and not use tha radios makes no sense at all. Although you will be responsible for visual separation, it is nice to know that all planes are talking to the tower. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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Listen, write, think, talk what the controllers and other planes are saying

Write...down what you need to know (i.e. runway's in use, altimeter setting, winds)

Think...about what you're going to say to ATC.

Talk...say what you need to say to ATC.

Most of all, if you're a student remember the magic words "STUDENT PILOT" in your tranmission.

So I might do it something like this..

"Lakefront tower, Cessna 926AM. Student pilot. 3 miles NE of the field landing with Charlie."

That will give you some lattitute with the controllers and they'll slow down a bit when they talk to you.

Have fun.