Commuting to work


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I know about Exec/NetJets. They have specific pilot "gateways" (I think there are about a dozen). All trips begin and end at the gateway. If the airplane is somewhere else, the company will fly the pilot commercially to where the trip begins. Also at the end of the duty days, the company pays the airline ticket back to the gateway.

It is the pilot's responsibility to be at the gateway at the specified time. Fractional pilots cannot jumpseat so they have to live fairly close to their gateway. My friend that works for them used to live in Portland and had to drive the 3 hours to Seattle, his gateway. He has since moved to Minneapolis which is another gateway.


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I've tried to sleep overnight in quiet rooms in San Juan, Raleigh, Philly and Dulles.

I have discovered how much I take pest control for granted. Every time I had to cover my face with a blanket or else have it be a parade ground for mosquitos.