Common Cold


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A while back I got a normal common cold and my employer made me go to the doctor. He subscribed me some nasal spray which I used once, and got completely better.

Do I need to report this on my medical? as well as the doctor visit? It wouldn't be a big deal except that I forget what he subscribed to me as this was a while back. It was some type of steroid spray. Also once in the past three years I was subscribed cream for my dry skin. Do I need to report this? or is it to minor to worry about?

If you are no longer taking the medication, you do not need to report it. You do need to report the visit for the cold but that is no big deal.:)
Quick question about cold, is drinking Orange juice good?

I have heard yes, and no. The vitamin C is good, but all the sugars in the juice is counterproductive. Is this true?