Commercial ASEL add-on


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Anyone on here have any advice or stories on their Commercial single engine add-on? I'm looking at taking this check ride in about 2 weeks.

My ride wasn't an add on, but it was the easiest I've had to date. Was worried, but when you know the stuff in the PTS, it really isn't all that hard I guess.

If it is an add on, you don't even need to use a complex plane, do you?

Go through the PTS for the add on. If you already done multi, it should be easy to do it with just one set of levers/knobs.
I will be using a Cessna-172 for the ride since it is a add-on. Then get to relearn the manuvers again in an Arrow for the CFI rating.
Its easy. I did my Comm ASEL as an add-on as well. Its been awhile, so I don't really remember the exact maneuvers, but it was exactly by the PTS with a very short oral.
I did my add-on in August. I'm sure you know the maneuvers and landings that are in the exam so no point in going through them here. We did them all except for the 8's on Pylons. The DE I had was very fair and even gave me a break when I landed my 180 Power Off landing about 50 feet short of the aim point. The oral was more theory than definition ... explain why stall speed increases/decreses when ___ is changed, why does the take-off roll increase/decrease when ___ is changed, etc. Went over a few systems in the airplane during the taxi and then went and flew. The flight took 1.3, which is longer than I would expect most flights take because we were at John Wayne ... pattern work can be very hectic here at peak times. It was nice not having to do any X-C work or explain any weather charts for a change! Also nice because it is an add-on that you don't have to do the checkride in a complex ... I did it in a regular C-172 however even considered doing it in a C-152.