Commercial AMEL passed in FLO


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Who was your examiner?

Not willing to put more of a gouge out there for anyone that uses the same examiner in the future?

If this is simply a member announcement, it might have been better served in the Member Announcement section.

Usually the Checkride Central (aka Checkride Write-Up forum) is used to provide detailed information about your checkride.


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I would almost bet it was "fast finger" fred. Took my commercial single with that guy. Nice fella.


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AHHH your right it was Fast Finger Fred, I call him that as well. Him and his sneaky hands as well as his tricky oral questions. hahaha, hey I didnt notice but he pulled out the left Primer a little bit during the ride and when my friend and I were going back home KLZU, our left engine was rough around 1500 RPM and we were trying to fix the problem on the ground for a while and could not find out the problem until we had a mechanic come look at the plane and told us what we missed. We never use the primer so we didnt think anything of it. What Fred did was not smart but was a lesson learned to make sure everything is secure and safe. But I have taken my Private and Commercial ASEL with him as well.


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Ok here is the gouge for my Commercial AMEL check ride with Fred Saverance in KFLO, SC.

The oral portion was about thirty minutes long and we just went over systems and some procedures of the aircraft because I have already gone over the commercial oral with him before.

  • We went over aircraft records and performance calculations.
Here are some questions he asked

  • How does the anti-servo tab work?
  • How many lights are supposed to show on the announciator panel when one engine is operating and one is not?
  • The lights in the back of the Seminole are connected to which lights the anti collision or nav lights?
  • Talk me through a Vmc Demonstration.
  • What happens if a pencil would hit the pitot drain and press the button on the left side of the seat?
Honestly he didnt ask to many more ?'s after that, i forgot the rest but they were easy. He asks tricky questions and doesn't care if you don't know them he will show you the answer during the ride.

Flight Test
We departed runway 9 (he will pull mixture back on takeoff roll) and went to the southeast to do manuevers. First started off with a power on stall, then power off stall, steep turns and a VMC Demo. Then he will cut your fuel on one engine and you have to use the checklist and attempt to restart, then secure, and then air start (unfeather) procedure. After that we shot the VOR-A approach and landed with a simulated engine failure on the left engine. The flight was a easy 45 minutes, Fred likes to play with the circuit breakers and other stuff in the plane.

Overall the checkride was a piece of cake, if you go to him you will pass if you know your stuff and just fly the airplane.