Comments Thread for calcapt's Continental 1404 Thread


Tre Kronor
I decided that starting another thread would be the most prudent thing to keep speculation, hearsay, and conjecture off of his work, but I wanted to make a comment about the post.

What sticks out to me the most other than the psychological aspect of the crash is the passengers suing the pilots.... that sickens, angers, and disappoints me greatly. I can only hope that ALPA legal has his back and there will be a countersuit to cover the cost of the frivolousness brought to court.

Unfortunately, that's how law suits in America work. They start by suing
EVERYONE involved. By the end, it's pealed down to whomever has the most nervous insurance company.
ALPA will have his back, and if I'm not mistaken it will be free.

I hope the FO "Bob" continues to fly, hate to see him leave the industry.
I'm sure this isn't the first time lawsuits have come out from passengers to pilots, regardless of what caused the accident. Remember the WN over-run in MDW? One passenger tried to sue Boeing, Southwest, AND the Chicago Airport Authority.
Civil lawsuits are really out of control. Common sense has seemed to escape a lot of people in the possibility of the big pay day. I work at a law firm which represents insurance companies doing clerical work. With Hurricane Ike having rolled through our metro area last year, there are plenty of insurance lawsuits comming through our door. Most of the time it's not because the insurance company doesn't want to pay anything, but more on the amount in which they feel is appropriate vs what the policy holder feels is appropriate. Anyway, I know of one case in which the policy holder is suing for 50k for mental anguish because his estimates from private adjusters don't match the insurance company's adjuster's estimate. We're talking a difference of about 7k in difference in having certain parts of his roof patched up. Get a smooth talking plaintiff attorney and an easily pursuaded jury and there's the possibility of him getting that pay day. Yes, maybe he is stressed about getting his roof fixed, but 50k in mental anguish...c'mon!

Suing pilots who were just as affected mentally and possibly physically from an air crash is ridiculous. No pilot has any sort of intent on not performing his/her job fully. It's the operator's responsibility to deem who is properly qualified to operate their aircraft. If you think the pilots failed at their job then I believe the passenger has a right to sue the airline which hired them and provided training in their aircraft if the accident findings indicate pilot error.