comm check and desk check monday morning!


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Well this is it...Training is over. I am pretty sure I am ready for my checks monday. I have studied all I can study and I am fairly comfortable working the desk. It should be interesting having my boss sit there with me and see what kind of pressure that leads me. I am sure I will do ok. Y'all wish me luck!
Well, i am sure there are certain people that dont think or didnt think I had or have what it takes..(You know who you are)Certain people that said I needed all the help I could get just making it through school. Well, here I am. Graduated from a dispatch school with no experience. Got a job with no experience, finished my ground school and ojt. I hope the person that didnt think I could do it is eating crow right now. lol
Congrats on the completion of your training!

Mine's just begun-- got hired at Republic this afternoon! :rawk: