Passed it! Only took 4 tries (to schedule, that is
) Whooo hoooo!
Thanks! Well, I passed it didn't I?

Actually the ride was pretty fun. My examiner was a really cool guy.

I did totally screw the 'soft' field landing though...
; otherwise all in all it wasn't a bad day.

I passed the oral portion today for the very same thing. Flight is on tuesday and I am really nervous for it. Glad everything went fine with you.
I just realized we need a thumbs up icon here.

Good job. I remember mine about 2 months ago. I was worried the most about this ride for some reason, and I found it the easiest. Cool when you actually know this stuff, and it makes the ride easy, huh?

Howd'ya do on the oral. If you get a chance, post any comments here, as I'm sure it would help others. I know that was the one thing no one could ever remember when I asked around was how the oral went for the ride. I wasn't really worried about the flying part once I got the precision power off landings down a couple weeks before the ride.

Again, congrats.

I'm off to find a thumbs up icon.

Awesome!!! It's a great feeling knowing you're now a commercial pilot and a private no longer!! Be sure to let us know how the CFI progresses.
Here ya all go, hopefully it will help anyone going for it.


We started off with the paperwork, making sure everything is in order, etc. Got into Comm pilot priviliges and limitations (private vs common carriage, holding out), then on to Normal, Experimental, and Restricted category aircraft. Moved on to MELs, STCs, what to do if an item is inop (91.213 - can you still fly with the TC inop?), etc. Was then asked about performance limitations, performance data, runway lengths, etc. We went over my planned cross country. Then onto systems: complex aircraft systems including landing gear, prop, engine components (vacuum), pitot static system, trim, etc. Answered questions about airspace, transponder requirements, and aeromedical factors (all of them). Transitioned to weather: METARs, TAFs, government services, ATC observers, and ASOS vs AWOS. After that the oral was pretty much done, we had lunch and went out to fly.


Preflight: was asked a few questions, external power unit, pitot mast, communication vs VOR antennas.
Flight: soft field takeoff, soft field landing, then departed for my planned XC. Had to divert inflight and find my ETE. Simulated engine failure as soon as I figured it out, then diverted again to another airport. Did a go-around (actual go-around thanks to ATC clearing someone for T/O while we were on final). Then short field landing, short field takeoff. Departed the airport for 8s on pylons, then went over to the practice area to work on maneuvers: did a steep turn, chandelle, lazy 8, power on stall (at 20" mp), full power off stall in landing configuration entered from a descent, steep spiral. The whole flight was extremely fast-paced. I was being tested not only on the maneuvers but also on my ability to 'stay ahead' of the airplane at all times. We landed and I was congratulated as a new Commercial Pilot!
Congrats! Don't feel bad, I botched the soft field landing on my CPL ASEL checkride too. "Your soft field landing could have been softer," the DE wrote in my evaluation. Good luck on your CFI. Looks like you've already gotten a lot of the paperwork (lesson plans, etc) out of the way; that's really the hardest part. Took me about 35 landings to make a smooth soft field and a Commercial PTS short field from the right seat in the 182RG, but then again, I'm a slow learner. For me, the biggest hurdle in landing from the right seat was keeping the longitudinal axis aligned with the airplane's direction of flight during touchdown with a crosswind, but that's a whole 'nother thread.....
Good Job. I always found the oral to be more nerve racking and challanging than the flight portion.

Good job buddy!!!!!!

Just the CFI next and then you can 'officially' teach me to fly!!!!!!
"Your soft field landing could have been softer," the DE wrote in my evaluation.

[/ QUOTE ]

Alchemy, your DE gives evaluations?? That would be SO much more useful than just a pass / fail.

When is the CFI ride scheduled?

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Gonna schedule it on Sat. Small chance it will be before Christmas
, fat chance it will be before '04.
Cool. Mine was sched. on the 29th but I have to cancel it seeing as our prop decided to break (it feathers when the engine shuts down
) so I'm looking at 1/04 most likely.

The joys of owning an airplane!
Yup; sure did. I spent 90% of my commercial training in the right seat as well. Too bad the plane hasn't worked since then