Coming back...


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Hey, I'm coming back to re-do my presentation at FlightSafety on May 14th. I'll be flying into MLB on Mon. May 12th in the afternoon. If anyone wants to make a few bucks, I need a ride to Vero, and then back to MLB on Friday. PM me if you can help...I'd appreciate it!
Its funny, all three of us that have posted so far were in the same CFI ground school and now look at our locations.... looks like I'll be walking to Vero. I knew there isn't many students down there right now, but I didn't know it was this dead!
They have a shuttle that'll take you to FSA. I used it a few times(think it was about $25-$30). The good part is you get to listen to the blue hairs talk about their trips to visit their relatives.
No takers? Come on...someone must want to make a few bucks. I'd rather pay someone from FSI than some grumpy old shuttle driver!